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Sawasdee Ka!

🙂 Joy

Spider Web Sandwich!

Thai spider web sandwich - finely shredded pork.

No! it is not made of spider webs or my husband’s white hair!!!!
(Dear Vern, my beloved husband, I am just kidding here) hehe. 🙂

It is my midnight meal tonight and the sandwich filling is dried shredded pork. I really love writing about Thai food. There’s so many cultural related thing, like this sandwich. I don’t know who and where is the first place to create this recipe but it is a real popular food among young people (like me).

I used to work at the coffee shop for my part time job at university. This menu was being sold every day and every table has to have it. As Thai people don’t like to eat plain food, someone create this combination and it works! Even with the bakery in Thailand they add this into the bread section of their shop.

Here’s we don’t serve it with any vegetable, I don’t know why.
The Thai chili paste taste a little sweet. Some saltiness and spiciness are also there.
Dried shredded pork, you can eat it with steamed jasmine rice or boiled rice. I even add the dried shredded pork in my omelet.

Ingredients for shredded pork (spider web) sandwich

Bread with Thai chili paste for shredded pork sandwich.

Thai shredded pork sandwich ready to eat at Joy's Thai food kitchen.


Grandma Surprises Us with Spicy Thai Red Ant Egg Soup!

Thai Soup - Spicy Red Ant Egg Soup - Thailand Specialty Cuisine
It was an amazing dinner two nights ago. We thought we were going out to eat because grandma didn’t give us forewarning, but, she had secretly made one of our Thai favorites – Spicy Red Ant Egg Soup!

We sat all sat down, and with the exception of our little girl, Mali, dove in and enjoyed it!

This is a traditional Isaan (northeastern) Thai soup that grandma said she first had when she was about three-years-old. Though we haven’t started to give our five-year-old daughter any spicy Thai food yet, those that grew up in the northeast have been eating it since they were babies. I have seen kids as young as 2-3 years old eating spicy food here. I don’t know if it’s right. The kids aren’t crying, they enjoy it I guess. Maybe they don’t understand pain in the same way we do in the USA. Lol. In the US, we think anything spicy hurts. Maybe they look at it differently in Thailand? Not sure.

The ant eggs come from the red weaver ants from the genus,Oecophylla that weave a nest of silk for their egg development. These nests are easy to spot, but not easy to reach in most cases. If you try to cut the branch a nest is hanging from, the red weaver ants quickly cover your arm and body and bite and hang on! Not very fun, I can assure you.

Here is a weaver ant nest full of eggs that I took a photo of the other day.

Red weaver ant (genus Oecophylla) nest full of eggs for Thai soup in Southern Thailands Krabi province.

And, here is a video Joy made about our spontaneous Thai spicy red ant (weaver ants) egg soup that you can see below. Our daughter had something wonderful to say about the soup – listen close for it.

Thai Fruit – Dragonfruit!

In my family we eat a lot of Thai fruit. One of our favorite is the dragon fruit, also called pitaya. The exact name is, Hylocereus polyrhizus.

My husband Vern eats the most of any of us. If we go to the store and find some good ones that are ripe, he will buy two bags of them – about 12 dragon fruits!

Last night this happen with us. Today he ate three for breakfast and lunch. It is a good Thai food to diet on because the calories are not many. Maybe about 180 calories in three dragonfruit. Not bad, right?!

But he wasn’t a good boy because he ate chips. I found them in the trash. 🙁 Bad hubby!

I made him do this video to contribute to my success! haha!

Vern says the taste of dragonfruit reminds him of when he was living back in Pennsylvania as a small boy. He had mulberries on a tree in the back yard. He said the taste is very similar to that. I never have mulberries, but maybe someday. I don’t think we have them in Thailand.

Did you ever taste mulberries or dragonfruit? Both? Do they taste the same? 😛

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