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Sawasdee Ka!

🙂 Joy

Joy in Magazine!

Joy featured in a magazine about Thai food blogging and making income.

Joy in a Magazine about Thai Food Blogging!

My 15 minutes of fame as you say in America – yes?

I was featured in a Thai Magazine, July 2007!!! 🙂 (Page 69 if you want to find me) It’s called SMEs Chee Chong Ruay in Thai language. I just bought it and had a look.

One day, my best friend, who is a writer of this magazine asked me about what do I do in my free time because she didn’t see me often when I was in Bangkok. I told her that I love cooking a lot and my husband suggested that I should have my own Thai Food Cooking Blog to share the recipes.

So, I wrote my story and recipes on Blogger. Also, I made cooking videos with free downloads and I make a little money on selling E-Books, (Try Thai Food, Authentic Thai Food to Try at HOME).

I had too much free time, I guess haha! But doing it is fun and you wouldn’t think that it is hard work at all.

These things that my husband and did seems to be a very new small business for Thai people, as I haven’t seen many people doing it yet. We thought it would take about 5 more years for Thai people to understand how to make money from the internet, especially blogging but if a person can write English even only as good as me (and I’m far from perfect!), then a little money can be made.

However, my friend wanted to show her readers that doing what you love can also make you money, if you have time to relax you also have time to do this relaxing business at the same time.

Anyway, she spent some nights interviewing me on the phone and asking me a lot of information.

Now, I am expecting to see more blogs in Thai language. Blogger allows blogs in Thai now and will even translate blogs into Thai or more than 10 other languages. There are so many good topics to write about Thailand or even some other interesting topics. But when we search we don’t find very much written in Thai for Thai people to read, especially blogs.

Even though it doesn’t make a ton of money for me, blogging is a good way to share your way of thinking and your personality through your BLOG!

Ok, that’s all! I just wanted to tell you about my article in the Thai magazine. I’m happy today!

Sawasdee Ka - Joy

Joy’s Thai Food About to Expand?

We are considering an expansion of Joy’s Thai Food in a big way. Not sure it will happen or not, as there are other ideas to evaluate as well. We have a couple of million page views here already, and over a million views of our recipes at It just seems natural to keep going and see what can become of this…

Lately we’ve had a lot of requests from magazines, online video companies, online food companies, cookbooks, newspapers, and all sorts of different people – asking if we can do interviews. We really can’t! We just have no time at the moment. Maybe that will change though with the next couple of months. Let’s see what happens.

If you have a food blog and you want to link up with us – here’s how…

1. Link to from somewhere on your site – use this code:

Thai Food Recipes by Joy! – Joy cooks Thai food from Thailand and tells you how.

2. Email us to tell us where you put the link to JoysThaiFood

3. Tell us what your website is and what text you want to describe your site – one line. We’ll put it up on our page too and tell you where it is.

We are looking to link up with other Thai food blogs, and other ethnic food sites.

Ok – link to us!

🙂 Joy

Add Your Opinion

Vern has been working on a new ebook – What is the Point of Life?

You can add your idea about the point of life by clicking the image below and following the simple steps. Anyone can participate. You can be credited any way you like – including link to your website.

We’re looking to get a range of ideas from all over the world.


Ebook - What is the Point of Life?
Click for info on how you can contribute a few sentences, a paragraph, or a couple pages – up to you!

Here is the original article that spawned the idea for this ebook.

Thailand Apple IPhone User Survey

Hi – It’s Vern breaking into the blog here… I just created a survey for Thailand iPhone users – if you live here or visit here with your iPhone could you take 4 minutes and fill it out real quick?

Thanks a bunch…

Oh, some new food video coming as soon as I edit it. Joy was in rare form the other night and we had some amaaaazing Thai food… 🙂

Thailand iPhone User Survey >