Thai Food Blog Secret Post… What is Joy REALLY Like?

Here are some photos of Joy doing what she enjoys… she isn’t always making and eating delicious Thai food… sometimes, well, she has a sweet tooth… haha.

Joy Drinking Thai Tea (Cha Yen) at a Thai restaurant in Southern Thailand.

Joy drinking what I think is her 2nd favorite Thai refreshment, Cha Yen or Thai Iced Tea.

the other one is…

Joy drinking her favorite drink - PEPSI at the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Joy LOVES Pepsi… she drinks it at every opportunity she gets.

Pepsi here is made in Thailand I think. It’s different from American Pepsi as it’s not the same caramel sugar base. It’s a dry sugar base that dissolves. The Pepsi isn’t thick here – it’s light… hard to explain. Joy could probably go over the nuances of the flavors, she’s had enough of it!

Last Pic…

Joy blowing bubbles with a straw and shampoo I think.

She was out on the porch for 30 minutes or so and I popped out to see what she was doing so quietly… she was just blowing bubbles into the wind… watching them go over the chickens, over the cows… on into the back wooded area… She was so at peace… She blew them for 30 more minutes.

Ok that was your sneak peak into Joy’s life here in Thailand. She is an absolutely incredible person to know. I’m a much better guy for having met her. She’s so giving of herself to whoever needs her time or energy. She’s ego-less and great fun to be around.


More to come in the future as I guest post on her blog to say nice things about her…

Sawasdee Krup!


Joy in Magazine!

Joy featured in a magazine about Thai food blogging and making income.

Joy in a Magazine about Thai Food Blogging!

My 15 minutes of fame as you say in America – yes?

I was featured in a Thai Magazine, July 2007!!! 🙂 (Page 69 if you want to find me) It’s called SMEs Chee Chong Ruay in Thai language. I just bought it and had a look.

One day, my best friend, who is a writer of this magazine asked me about what do I do in my free time because she didn’t see me often when I was in Bangkok. I told her that I love cooking a lot and my husband suggested that I should have my own Thai Food Cooking Blog to share the recipes.

So, I wrote my story and recipes on Blogger. Also, I made cooking videos with free downloads and I make a little money on selling E-Books, (Try Thai Food, Authentic Thai Food to Try at HOME).

I had too much free time, I guess haha! But doing it is fun and you wouldn’t think that it is hard work at all.

These things that my husband and did seems to be a very new small business for Thai people, as I haven’t seen many people doing it yet. We thought it would take about 5 more years for Thai people to understand how to make money from the internet, especially blogging but if a person can write English even only as good as me (and I’m far from perfect!), then a little money can be made.

However, my friend wanted to show her readers that doing what you love can also make you money, if you have time to relax you also have time to do this relaxing business at the same time.

Anyway, she spent some nights interviewing me on the phone and asking me a lot of information.

Now, I am expecting to see more blogs in Thai language. Blogger allows blogs in Thai now and will even translate blogs into Thai or more than 10 other languages. There are so many good topics to write about Thailand or even some other interesting topics. But when we search we don’t find very much written in Thai for Thai people to read, especially blogs.

Even though it doesn’t make a ton of money for me, blogging is a good way to share your way of thinking and your personality through your BLOG!

Ok, that’s all! I just wanted to tell you about my article in the Thai magazine. I’m happy today!

Sawasdee Ka - Joy

Joy Returning to Joy’s Thai Food Blog Full-time?

It’s a possibility. We’ve been kicking the idea around. If it happens it will be in about 4 months. We’ll have to get her setup with a decent kitchen and everything she requires. If you didn’t know – we’ve been living like poor Thais for the last 2 years and she hasn’t shot much video or done many recipes with photos while she’s been cooking in the house in one pot on the weekends.

It’s so amazing to me that she can cook the most incredible Thai food on the floor in one pot. She’ll make 3 things in that pot and all of them are perfect! How does she do it??

So, it’s possible that she’s coming back full time. I’d love her to as that means I’ll be eating amazing Thai food every day of my life and I’ll likely get fat again.

I’ll exercise a lot this time.

Will keep you posted on Joy’s return or not…

Best of life!


Thai Food E-Books!

Sawasdee Ka!

Revising Joy’s Ebooks now – ready in a few weeks!

If you don’t know what an e-book is, it’s simply a Word file with photos and nice formatting converted into an Adobe PDF format that you can read on your computer, PDA, phone, or maybe even your watch. It makes the files easy to read on electronic readers too – you may have heard about Microsoft’s and Amazon’s new readers. They are e-book readers designed specially for reading e-books.

We are giving away a sample PDF file of the first 11 pages of Joy’s Thai Food Recipe eBook below.

Joy’s Thai Food Recipe E-book Sample, 11 pages, fully illustrated, fully FREE! This is to give you an idea what you’re getting.

Please check back in a few weeks to see if we’re offering Joy’s latest two updated Thai Food Ebooks at that time!

Thank you!

Sawasdee ka, joy