Thai Cooking School: A Time for Lime!

My husband wrote this…

“I was at a local temple in the South of Thailand and I met a woman and her daughter that were there visiting from out of country. We shared information about where we were from and what we were doing that brought us to Thailand. Apparently she has some friends that operated a Thai Cooking School in Koh Lanta (Near Krabi and Trang, Thailand). The name of the cooking school is, Time for Lime. They have an open-air kitchen on the beach. They also have bungalows to stay in and free WIFI access while you stay.

She asked that I send Joy to see it if possible. Well, we’ve not had time to get over to Koh Lanta recently but I wanted to make a post about the Thai cooking school in case you’re looking for one to visit during your vacation to Thailand. I found their web site and it seems like a well-put-together effort!

If you have a chance, send me a review what you thought of it!

Sawasdee Krup,