Thai Food Lifehack: Rice Cooker Hole Fixer!

Lifehack: Rice Cooker with Hole in It? Fix it!

Recently we went riceless for a few weeks. Apparently I had burnt a hole in the rice-cooker somehow. It’s an aluminum bowl that fits into the electric cooker and it’s fairly thick.

HOW it gets a hole, I’m not sure. But it did. So, being from the USA I figured – gotta get a new rice cooker, right?

Joy says, “We can just get some tape to fix it.”

I said, “HUH? Hon, tape won’t fix this – it’s aluminum and we’d need someone to weld something aluminum to fix the hole. Aluminum is difficult to weld to – exceptionally difficult for some reason and I think we should just throw it out and get a new one.”

Joy was quiet, but she knew inside that there was a way to fix it.

Joy returned the other day from the morning market with a plastic baggie with what looked like some aluminum foil inside and a small piece of… sand paper.

Rice cooker foil to fix hole

I said, ‘What’s that?”

She said it was for the rice-cooker. I said, “No. Can’t be.”

“Yep!” She said…

Oh my god I said under my breath. I commenced to sanding the aluminum at the hole. Joy said the sticker goes on the side that faces the heating element, not the side that would touch the rice. I sanded for a minute and cut a small square to fit over the hole. I pressed it on very hard. It went on so smoothly – like it was MADE for this or something. hahah.

Rice cooker hole fixed with foil sticker

She fired up the rice cooker and made us some great Gwit Diao Gai (Chicken noodle soup).


So, don’t throw away your rice cookers! If you need some of this stuff – just email us and we’ll send it to you. You’ll have to pick up shipping – but the metal sticker is cheap!

Just let us know!