Pad Thai: Thai Style Noodle Stir Fry

Pad Thai with shrimp recipe and instructions for step-by-step cooking.
Joy’s Pad Thai Shrimp dish served up for dinner and ready to eat!

Thailand’s Best Pad Thai (Stir-fried noodles) Recipe!


Prepare Pad Thai sauce: For 2 servings

2 Big tbsp. of palm sugar
3 tbsp. concentrated tamarind juice
3 tbsp. fish sauce
2 tbsp. oyster sauce

Prepare ingredients to cook the noodle:

2 tbsp. vegetable oil
2 tbsp. minced shallot
1 tbsp. minced garlic
2 tbsp. cut yellow tofu
1 tbsp. sweet radish (minced)
2 handful thin noodle if you can’t find the specific one, just use any noodle, mung bean noodle is also good. (Soak the noodle in regular water for 2 hours)
2 eggs
1 handful of a garlic-like vegetable -> garlic Chives/ Chinese Chives.
10 big shrimp (peeled, De-veined and cooked)

Final Decoration:

1 handful bean sprouts
1 tsp. dried red chili powder
2 tbsp. roasted peanut (crushed)
1 tsp. sugar
4-5 branches of Uuicnri leaves/ garlic Chives/ Chinese Chives.
1 piece of sliced lime



Tamarind juice

Yellow tofu to add to pad Thai noodles.

Chinese chives leaves for pad thai

Cooking Instructions:

1. Heat the pan and add palm sugar, fish sauce, tamarind juice, oyster sauce and a little bit of water. Now used medium or low heat to let the sauce boil and thicken. Keep stirring. Make sure you don’t burn the sauce. Golden pad Thai is good pad Thai. Be careful, it will be bitter if you put max heat and burn it.

2. Taste the sauce and make it the way you like. Some people really love it to be sweeter and some just love it a little more salty but the trick of Pad Thai sauce is the proper balance of 3 tastes: sweetness, sourness, and saltiness. So change it the way you like. If you like it sweet, keep the taste the way it is will be right taste for you. However, my trick is to add some Maggi brand soy sauce to make it saltier as my husband loves it that way.

3. When the sauce gets thick enough, remove from the stove.

Next, we will cook the pad Thai noodles.

1. In a different pan, heat the pan and add vegetable oil. When the pan is hot, add garlic and shallot Fry until it has a nice aromatic smell.

2. Next, add tofu and sweet radish.

3. Now, add noodles and 4 tbsp of the sauce we made earlier. (that’s for 1 serving). You can keep adding the sauce of the amount of the noodles is more than one handful. Make sure you don’t add too much because the noodle will be too wet and overcooked. (add it little by little) Then, make a quick stir.

You may want to pick the noodles out and taste them to see if the noodles are cooked properly.

4. If you like the bean sprouts and the sliced garlic Chives/ Chinese Chives to be cooked, add it in this step.

5. Push the noodles aside. Add the egg and cook it until it is halfway done then mix it with the noodles. Now add shrimp and mix.

6. Turn off the fire. Arrange the noodles on a plate. Put dried chili pepper, sugar, roasted peanut, fresh bean sprouts, one piece of lemon and the garlic Chives/ Chinese Chives on the side.

Another option for Pad Thai is to make an omelet from duck’s eggs. Make it as thin and as big as possible. Put the noodles in the middle of the omelet. Fold four sides then put another plate on top. Turn it upside down. Decorate it with bean sprouts, the genus Allium or scallion, dried chili powder, sugar, peanut, and one piece of lemon.

We call this Pad Thai with an omelet in the Thai language, “Pad Thai Kai Ho.” Pad Thai is a classic Thai Food dish and one that we eat a lot – a couple times per month at least. Tourists, when they come to Thailand know “Pad Thai” from the Thai food restaurants in their home country. They always seem to know to order this dish! My husband when he first came from America only knew pad thai and a couple of other dishes like yum woon sen and tom yum soup.


Pad thai noodles with pork.
Pad Thai with Pork. Can also do with just about anything, we use chicken, shrimp, pork, and some people even do fish and squid.


Sawasdee Ka - Joy

Oops, BONUS – Below is a video of me making Pad Thai another time – this was the best Pad Thai my husband said he ever ate!

Joys Top 5 Thai Food Specialty Recipes!

Joy’s Top 5 Thai Food Specialty Recipes from Thailand! \(^v^)/

From Joy’s TryThaiFood Blog

Joy's Top 5 Thai Recipes! Number 5, Gang Som Naw Mai Dong

5. Gang Som Naw Mai Dong (Spicy Bamboo Soup) with photo and video!

4. Yum WoonSen (Glass Noodle Spicy Salad) with photo!

3. Gang Som Goong Kai Cha-Om (Shrimp and Fried Egg Sour Soup) with many photos!

2. Pad Phet Sator (Bean Pod Stir-Fry). Photo and Video! This one is SO delicious! This is my husband’s favorite! But, it is not number one. This is my list, so I CHOOSE THE NUMBER ONE!

NUMBER 1. Is…. TOM YUM GOONG! Spicy Shrimp Thai Soup – yes, we LOVE spicy soups here… what can I say? \(^v^)/ Tom Yum Video >

Make some Thai Food for your family
– you don’t have to buy it at the restaurant,

it’s easy!

This TOP 5 Recipe post was inspired by Darren Rowse at – he is giving away $1001 dollars for a prize. There are THOUSANDS of entries! I hope I win something… ^^

Sawasdee Ka - Joy

My Favorite Thai Food Meals!

My Favorite Thai Food Meals!

I thought I’d write today about my favorite Thai food.

Unfortunately my wife is on holiday in Isaan and won’t be back until this Saturday. But, I’ll write it now and we’ll edit it to add the Thai names of the food later.

One meal I like at a Thai food restaurant is: Yum Woon Sen. This is a spicy noodle salad with clear rice noodles, cut tomatoes, onions, scallions, chilis, some garlic and some round small things that resemble garlic cloves but that are a little bit sweet. I must have my wife give me the name and I’ll put it here if I remember.

Yum Woon Sen is spicy because it’s wet. The wet foods are more spicy because they build up on your tongue easier for some reason, soon reaching a level of “inferno” here in Thailand. In Isaan, land of the super-spicy food I would ask for Pedt Podee or, spicy “just right”. In Isaan this means it will STILL start a small fire in your mouth, but I was able to finish it most times.

Usually cucumber is served with this dish – and the cucumber slices help to reduce the amount of burn in your mouth. The Indian food restaurants I’ve eaten at have “Lassi” – which is a yogurt mixture with cucumber pieces that also helps calm the mouth.

Another of my all-time favorite Thai foods is called, “Gai Yang!” (guy yang) This is just barbequed chicken on a stick. Many people sell this all over Isaan, and though I can find this food in the restaurants and food stalls here, it’s NOT as plentiful or as delicious as in Isaan. But, alas, nothing IS!

Guy Yang is eaten alone, with rice and bla-la (fermented fish paste) and/or with my favorite dish of all time – Som Tam! Som tam is one of the recipes we already have listed in this blog. It is very simple – and yet I love it to death. Really, I hinted that it might be addictive… but, without a doubt there is no RATIONAL explanation for why I crave it like I do… It IS ADDICTIVE.

The last meal that I’ll mention is “Tom Yum” soup. It comes in many varieties… I like the clear broth or the coconut milk broth. Though the latter seems to be spicier for some reason. Both are delicious. We will have the Thai food video and recipe listed for this very soon because she makes it so often…

I hope that gave you an idea for something to try at the restaurants. I left out some of my other favorites that I can’t remember the name for! That will be another post – after Saturday when my translator (wife) gets home!

Ok, have a great day…

Joy’s Husband

Thai Food Late Lunch Yesterday

Joy was craving this meal for weeks, but we didn't (I didn't) want to go to the commercial restaurant. Then we found it here at my favorite restaurant.
Joy was craving this meal for weeks, but we didn't (I didn't) want to go to the commercial restaurant. Then we found it here at my favorite restaurant.

It was 2:30pm when we realized we hadn’t eaten yet so I told Joy I want to go to my new favorite restaurant close to the park. Thai food of course.

We’ve eaten there once before and all the Thai food was good – and very reasonably priced ($1+).

Joy got Jim Jolm which was like a suki-yaki dish – we got a hot pot, vegetables (Khun Chai, Pak Bung, cabbage, scallions, sweet basil), clean cuts of beef, an egg,  glass noodles (woonsen). In Isaan where Joy is from they add more vegetables.

I got a Lahb Gai (spicy chicken uhm, like a chili almost). I really love Lahb gai, Lahb Moo (pork) or Lahp Bpla (fish).

We also got a dish of chicken fried rice that was made with a lot of black pepper – a unique way to have it that we never had before.

Joy looks happy enough!

Total cost? $6 USD. Including bottled water and Joy got a Minao Bpun (crushed ice lemon-sugar-salt) drink that I thought was great – like a margherita without the alcohol.

Jim Jolm - like a suki-yaki type dish.
Jim Jolm - like a suki-yaki type dish.
Lahb Gai - a spicy Isaan style dish eaten with rice.
Lahb Gai - a spicy Isaan style dish eaten with rice.

Eating at Outdoor Thai Food Restaurant

In Thailand of course!

Nice atmosphere can be found at many Thai restaurants that would cost a lot of money to find in the USA or elsewhere.
Nice atmosphere can be found at many Thai restaurants that would cost a lot of money to find in the USA or elsewhere.

It was a special night out for, what else? Thai food!

We rode around town and looked for a place we hadn’t eaten at yet. Then I remembered a place on a hill within a kilometer of where we live. We pulled up to the large open-air pavilion which I thought was “it”. When we were looking for a place to sit down Joy noticed a very large area filled with bamboo huts down by some small ponds. JACKPOT!

We walked down the hill. There were only two other groups eating and it was very quiet. The mosquitoes were at “level insanity” so we asked them to light “the coil” and that brought an end to the skeeters.

Fried rice with squid, morning glory with garlic, fried rice with everything (Joys)
Fried rice with squid, morning glory with garlic, fried rice with everything (Joys)

We ordered kow padt Pla Meuk (fried rice with squid) for me and Joy ordered kow pad nam prig long reu-uh (fried rice with special made chili sauce, dried shrimp, side veggies, salted egg, and fried chicken. No, Joy wasn’t eating for 2 or 3, it didn’t amount to more than my fried rice in volume. Then, we got my favorite for a vegetable – Pad pak boong – stir fried morning glory with chilis and garlic. YUM.

We topped it off with Pepsi and a bucket of ice.

We chose one of the bamboo huts without chairs – it’s just a sit on the raised floor type hut. We could see the mosquitoes easier that way and it’s easier for Joy to have a nap after dinner too. Isn’t she the cutest…? HA! She doesn’t know I put this photo on here – she’ll make me take it down if she sees it – so enjoy while you can.

A really cozy place. The food was quite good too.
A really cozy place. The food was quite good too.

Thai food is really the best food on the planet. Thai food in Thailand? Well, I don’t have to tell you – is amazing. I’ve lived on it for four years straight now -with only the occasional pizza from in town because it’s so prohibitively expensive! This whole meal, with ambience was just 185 baht – about $5 USD. That’s expensive considering how much dinner usually costs – just 75-80 baht for both of us. So tonight we splurged on upscale Thai food dining. Tomorrow? Back tot he 80 baht dinners – which are almost as good, but lack the atmosphere.

In Thailand its OK to fall asleep after dinner in these bamboo huts. The best ones are floating on the river. We have some photos from some of those Thai food restaurants in Isaan (northeast) Thailand that I'll have to find sometime.
In Thailand it is quite OK to fall asleep after your meal in one of these bamboo huts. The ones that float on the river are even better. We have some photos from that type of hut while we were in Isaan (northeast Thailand) that I will have to find sometime to share here...

When are you coming to Thailand?