Choosing a Domain Name for Your Food Blog

Important Criteria in Choosing Your Food Blog Domain Name


A domain name is simply the address you use in your web browser. Our domain is “”. Domains can have extensions (TLD’s) like .com, .net, .org, and now some new ones like .guru, .academy, and scores more.

Choosing a domain name is an important step, but it is one you can probably accomplish in just an hour or maybe a couple of days. Don’t agonize over the name you choose for your blog, but do give it some thought.

Some Basic Considerations for Choosing a Food Domain Name:

  • choose a domain name that is short – under around 15 characters
  • it should describe what your blog is about in just a couple of words
  • don’t use dashes
  • don’t use numbers
  • use the .com TLD because everyone else is still using it
  • make sure your domain name is available.

There was in the past some research to suggest that buying your domain name for more than one year means something in the Google search algorithms. The theory behind it is that Google will take the domain more seriously if it is registered for multiple years. I think there are many other considerations that are of much higher importance, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to register your domain name for at least three years if you’re going to dedicate yourself 100% to your new food blogging business.


You can use this free tool to try domain names below:

Enter it below like (;;

NOTE – if you find a domain name you like, and want to make sure you can buy it before someone else does you can skip ahead to go get your hosting account at here. They even give you a FREE DOMAIN NAME. If you don’t know anything about hosting, go over here and read this. There are steps to help you complete buying your domain name and getting hosting all on one page. Come back here when you’re ready to keep reading – there is more!

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