Thai Food Recipe: Kai Dang Kem (Salted red yolk)

Kai Dang Kem (Salted red yolk)


20 Eggs from duck
1 cup salt
2 cups clean water
1 big jar
1 big bowl

Cooking Instructions:

1. Dissolve salt into the clean water and boil it.

2. When salt water is boiling, remove from the stove and leave it cool off.

3. Pour cool salt water into a big jar.

4. Clean the eggs from duck very well. Crack them in a big bowl. Then only take red yolk. Be careful, don’t break the red part.

5. Put red yolk into a jar of cool salt water. Seal it well.

6. Leave the yolk in there for 4-5 days. If you want it to get very salty leave them in a jar for 7 days.

7. After that remove from the jar and leave them in the sun. This way, we can keep for our next next meal 🙂

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