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Bluehost works with WordPress hosting for your Thai food blog success.
Funny enough, the Bluehost uses WordPress for their own blog! The best of both worlds.

If you are considering creating a Thai food blog to make some extra money from, you’re going to have to consider which hosting company to use. I know you know nothing about hosting. Back in 1998, we chose Godaddy hosting for lack of a good alternative. We thought it was great. MY HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED! Godaddy is horrible today, and the good news is – there are a couple awesome alternatives.

Food blog hosting for beginners that are just getting started is a no-brainer. is the best hosting company to start with. There’s nobody better geared toward helping newbies get started Thai food blogging.

So the GOOD NEWS IS – BLUEHOST is offering deep discounts on hosting – it’s now less than $5 per month and you get their STELLAR customer support services.

There are dozens of companies that offer web hosting for Thai food and other blogs. There is no reason to go research them, we’ve been keeping up with web hosting for fifteen years now and we know the two best companies for beginners and moderately advanced food bloggers!

If you’re just getting started – use Bluehost. Hands down, it can’t be beaten.

If you’re well into blogging and you have over 500 people to your food blog every day and they’re looking at a thousand or thousands of pages each day, you can either stay at Bluehost – which can definitely handle the traffic, or you might want something a little more advanced. is the next step after Bluehost. So, decide where you’re at in the food blogging world – and choose one or the other below. Both have solid hosting plans and delivery. Both are top rated among online bloggers all over the globe. Both have absolutely unbeatable customer service. Both are VERY affordable, depending what you need.

Choose a hosting company to handle your food blog needs and find out more:


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