5 thoughts on “Thai Food E-Books!”

  1. Sawasdee Krap,
    thank you for you generosity which is something very common among Thais, I like Thai food very much and I even cook simple Thai dishes myself, these two books will help me a lot, thanks again.

  2. Dear Joy,
    My compliments on the wealth of information provided on this website. I am a big fan of thai food. With this information I will be able to make a start in the kitchen.
    Thanks, R

  3. as a frequent visitor to LOS I appreciate making authentic thai food and your ebook is a definate source of recipes for me to use to capture the wonderful taste of local food. My garden here in Florida supplies me with all the necessary herbs I need. Thank you for the time and trouble of producing your wondeful books. You are GREAT !

  4. First, thanks to other posters about the free e-books. We thought it’s better to share with more people than just with those that buy them. We put a donation link to PayPal at the end of the e-books but maybe nobody made it to the end yet?! 😛 To get the books Lily, just click one of the green links above in the post. It’s hard to see our links – but they are either green or black. Not bright blue like you might be used to.

    Enjoy the books!

    Joy 😛

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