Getting Traffic to Your Food Blog

In order to cause a real TRAFFIC JAM at your food blog, you’ll have to be active to market it in a number of ways.

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Food Blog:


1. Post Frequently! Ideally you will be adding new content every day to your new food blog. This is really important, and maybe the most important step that will lead to eventual success and making money online with your blog. You have to look at it like this – it’s a competition. There are hundreds of thousands of food blogs on the internet. Yours has to stand out. In another article I mentioned about choosing a niche that was smaller and well-defined. There’s a reason for that! You narrow down your competition. Unless you have a team of ten or twenty people writing for your blog, there is no way you’re going to compete online for a very general topic like ‘food’! You’ll have to narrow it down and cut out some of your competition. Even general topics like Thai Food are getting very competitive and if you aren’t producing new content daily, you will struggle to gain traction.

Try to post something good at least once per day.

2. Market Yourself Daily! Yes, just like posting something at your food blog every day is important, marketing what you have at the blog is very important too. Look at it as a long-term effort that will payoff in the end. There is no reason why you can’t make it work and make a hundred dollars per month extra spending money if you make that your goal.

Marketing can be as simple as leaving insightful comments at other blogs. Some of the best blogs in the world allow comments on their articles. Google counts those whether they are “rel=follow” or “rel=nofollow.” If you don’t know what that means, it’s a bit advanced, just know that Google sees all links back to your website. Some it counts, some it doesn’t. I’ll bet it counts those from the very top sites, because Google wouldn’t go through the trouble of telling us in the Webmaster Tool reports that we have links from these other sites if they didn’t count! Anyway, that’s all a little advanced. We’ll have a food blog membership site up shortly and we can get into all of that advanced stuff.

For now, just know that you should be commenting on other blogs, food blogs and blogs with other topics as well.

3. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook. Social media has become a real source of traffic for blogs of any subject, but they are especially good for food blogs. Just looking at beautiful images of food can provoke some of us to go get something to eat. That’s powerful stuff!

Learn how to take great photos of food you’re making, and share it on these social media sites with friends and strangers. Become active on these sites and you can build a major following and a great source of traffic for your blog.

4. YouTube! YouTube is in its own special category for bloggers across the globe. We first started doing Thai food recipes on our JoysThaiFood channel about six years ago. Since then we’ve had over 3,000,000 views of our recipes at that channel. My husband has had over 23 million at his channel! He’s blogging about bugs, snakes, and stuff like that!

YouTube is gradually opening up and giving content producers more ways to interact with fans there. Become a verified YT Partner and you can actually link directly to your food blog from inside your videos. We will be doing a training session for creating YouTube food blogging videos in a couple of weeks, more months. We have a lot on our plate for this near year!

5. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. There are only about six-hundred things you could do to help your website rank in the search engines, but there are only a couple dozen really important things. Without creating a book of our own (though we might do that in the future!) we found this great guide that will help you narrow down what is important for ranking highly in the search engines for food blog related phrases. There are a number of things you can do both on-site and off-site to help your blog succeed.

Start with these 50!

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Help for food bloggers with SEO.

The name of this book is, “SEO for Food Bloggers – 50 Easy Things You Should Do Now to Increase Traffic to Your Blog.”

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