Thai Food Recipe: Green Curry and Stir Fried Shrimp

Thai Food Recipe: Green Curry Fried Shrimp and Rice - this is very popular Thai cuisine in the south.

Pad Kiao Waan Guung – Green Curry with Stir-fried Shrimp


500g Shrimps
300g Straw mushroom
3 Big red chili peppers
1 handful Sweet basil
2 tbsp. Sliced kaffir lime leaves
1 tbsp. Minced garlic
1 tbsp. Green curry paste
2 tbsp. Vegetable oil or olive oil
2 tsp. Sugar
2 tbsp. Fish sauce
1/2 cup Coconut milk or condensed milk


1. Add vegetable oil into the pan and use medium heat. Add garlic and green curry paste fry until it smell nice.

2. Add condensed milk or coconut milk. Wait until it is boiling. Keep stirring because the milk will burn easily.

3. Add mushroom and let it cooked for 1 minute. Add sugar and fish sauce. You will want to cook mushroom first before the adding the shrimp because if the shrimps are being cooked for too long the meat will get very hard and doesn’t taste so good. 🙂

4. Now add the shrimps. Cook for 30 seconds.

5. Add red chili peppers, sweet basil and kaffir lime leave.

6. Stir 3 times and turn of the fire. 🙂

It has been a long time since I did a cooking video. (1 year and a half) I am very excited to do it again after everything is settled for baby.. and I feel ok now after the c-section. I quit my job and now I am a full time mommy. 🙂

I started reading a magazine about raising our baby since I have no idea at all about the basic things I should know. Before Mali was born, I spent time being very excited and get all the information about pregnancy.. but I forgot to look out for the info about after pregnancy. LOL! So, it was a little frustrating during the first month to take care of Mali. To be honest, I didn’t know that baby would be eating something else beside milk after 6 months. Now I really have to think about the baby menu.

Anyway, this magazine that I read has a mommy menu section. It looks delicious and very simple to make so I want to see if I could finish it in 5 minutes. Hehe, it went quite well. I cooked food in 5 minutes but spent 2 hours preparing it. 🙂

This is not that bad. My aunt said that I should clean up at the same time I am preparing the food (that is why it takes me a long time when I cook). When the food is ready, now you don’t have to spend extra time to clean the counter or have everyone wait for you to clean up the kitchen before or after the dinner time.

I think I am mental.. haha because I can’t have a peaceful meal while the kitchen is still dirty.

Enjoy this new recipe and video – ! 🙂 Joy


Author: Joy B

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2 thoughts on “Thai Food Recipe: Green Curry and Stir Fried Shrimp”

  1. would love to find recipe for Me-Kraub. I know the spelling is incorrect. My husband and I enjoyed this lettuce wrap appetizer at a Thia resturant in Charlotte NC. They are no longer in business. I know it contained a meat mixture that we spooned on lettuce leaves, some type of sauce topped with crispy tiny noodles. If you can help I would appreciate it.

  2. Was it maybe a lahb? We have lahb gai (chicken), lahb moo (pork), lahb talay (seafood), lahb neu-uh (beef). One of those?

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