Thai Food Dessert: Khanom Keng Sai Kem (Mung Bean Dough Balls with Pork)

Khanom Keng Dough balls with Mung Beans - Khanom Keng Sai Kem

Khanom Keng Sai Kem – Mung Bean Dough Balls with Pork


2 cup sticky rice flour
1 and 2/3 cup sugar
3 cup water



1 cup mashed mung bean (genus Phaseoias)
1/3 cup minced pork
2 tbsp. minced coriander roots
1 tbsp. pepper
1 and 1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp. salt
3 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 cup vegetable oil to spread on banana leaves


Cooking Instructions:

1. Soak mung bean in the water for 30 minutes.

2. Place a white cloth filter in the steam pot. Put soaked mung bean on it and steam the mung
bean for 20 minutes.

3. Ground the bean finely.

4. Ground coriander roots and pepper altogether.

5. Add vegetable oil in the pan and stir-fry the mixed in number 4 until it smells aromatic.

6. Next, add pork and cook for 10 minutes. Then, add grounded mung bean, sugar and salt. Mix well.

7. Mold it to 1 inch balls.

8. In a bowl mix the flour with sugar. Add water little by little as you knead it.

9. Leave the dough for 30 minutes. Then, mold it into 1 inch flat round shape, put stuff in the middle and mold it to a round ball.

10. Make a cup from banana leave. Dress vegetable oil all over the cup. Then, place a ball inside it.

11. Steam for 45 minutes and remove from the stove.

We have two kinds of Khanom Keng. One with stuffing, we call it Sai Kem (salted stuffing) and another without stuffing. If you don’t like the stuffing, you can jump to number 8, 10 andร‚ย 12. Skip all the stuffing instructions.

I like salted stuffing better. It made the sticky texture taste better with salty mung bean. In the early morning when I was at home, my mom usually woke me up to go offer this dessert to the monks. We prepare about 9 pieces every time. If that day five monks came, the rest of them would go into my stomach. ๐Ÿ˜€


Here is what my mom always told me to do when we offer food to the monks:

1. I shouldn’t have a messy face in the morning and dress properly. It would cause an ugly face in the next life. Since I was never ready when they went out to offer food, this rule is only for me I guess.

2. Take off your shoes and sit down before you offer the food.

3. Move the food to your forehead and make a wish. (Usually, we asked for forgiveness from people if our bad actions ever caused them suffering and we prayed that the food would go to our grandparents that have passed away, through the monks.)

4. Don’t let any part of your hand touch their bowl when you drop the food into it. Girls can’t touch their clothes.

5. When you finish, sit down still and wait for blessing.

Sawasdee Ka - Joy

Thai Dessert: Khanom Sai Sai (Sweet Stuffed Dough)

Sweet Stuffed Dough, Kha Nom Sai Sai or Kha Nom Sod Sai

Prepare the Flour:

2 cup black sticky rice flour
2 cup white sticky rice flour
1 and 1/2 cup warm water


Cooking instructions:

1. Mix two kinds of flour together. Pour only a small amount of warm water while you are kneading the dough. Knead until the flour gets soft and roll it to 1/2 inch size. Use wet white cloth to cover the dough.

Now prepare the topping part:

1 kg. Scrapped coconut
1 cup rice flour
1 tbsp. salt
6 cup flower water

2. Make coconut milk from 6 cup of flower water squeeze with scraped old coconut and pour on the filter to get just the milk part.

(Flower water: Soak the flower in water and keep it seal for one night)

I know this step sound messy. You can just use instant coconut milk. Choose the thick kind.

3. Add rice flour with the coconut milk and boil it on low heat. Keep stirring until it gets thick. Be careful, don’t let it gets sticky in a ball shape.

Leave the topping pot inside a bigger pot of hot water so that the topping will be warm all the time. It will be easier when you drop it over the white dough.

Prepare the inside stuffing:

1 cup scrapped old coconut
1 cup palm sugar
1/2 cup water

4. Mix scrapped old coconut with palm sugar and water altogether in a pot. Put it on low heat and boil. Keep stirring until it gets sticky enough to roll to a ball shape.

5. Remove from the stove. Leave it cool and make it a small ball shape of 1/2 inch. Put them in a big container and fumigate with candle smoke.

After you have prepared the 3 main ingredients, follow these steps.

1. Flatten the flour from number 1 and put the fumigated sweet stuffing in the middle. Make it in ball shape. Hide the stuffing inside the white dough.

2. Put 1 tsp. of topping on the banana leave and place the ball on it. Pour another 2 tsp. of topping over the ball.

3. Wrap the banana leaves. Attach the leaves with toothpick. (Consult a nearby wrapping supervisor for instructions. Haha! I don’t know how to explain)

So sad, I was not a professional video maker. I blocked the camera, when I tried to show how to wrap food with banana leaves.

Look for my Ho Mok Gai Sai No Mai video on youtube for how to wrap. To skip this difficult part, you can use a small cup made from ceramic.

4. After that, steam in boiling water for 10 minutes.

I introduced this dessert to my German colleague at lunch time after we finished our meal. She loved it and also when I introduced it to my husband he said the taste is good.

So, I shouldn’t miss introducing it to you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sawasdee Ka - Joy