Tales the Crows Taught Me

Seventeen Supernatural Tales to Make Your Skin Crawl

Fans of Ray Bradbury and the Twilight Zone have reason to rejoice!

Here are 17 tales with a twist—many of them award-winning: a traveling sideshow, a shadowy something waiting in a deep Oregon forest, an ancient fishing village where there’s a price to pay for magic, a strange parcel dragged for miles over ice and snow, a Florida boarding house full of residents who would VERY much like to meet you…

The Uncanny waits to make your acquaintance.


Protection: Probably best not to earn a Gypsy’s curse…but maybe you can bargain your way out?

Tap: Maybe Grandmother hears better than we think she does.

Stir: Young hot-shot lawyer takes his stage 4 cancer down to Florida, to live out his days fishing in peace. But someone else sees the opportunity of a lifetime…

Small Onya: Two children in a sideshow weigh their options.

Churn: A mushroom-picking young girl holds a secret that will change a man’s destiny.

Remission: Young Aggie finds a mostly-dead body washed up on her island’s shore…but there is something unsettling about the visitor.

Island Tale: This witch hunt might not be over…

Festival: Villagers burn a man while a woman hides a parcel beneath ice and snow far, far away.

Moving On: A couple is pursued by a shadowy movement in the forests of Oregon.

Barking Town: An almost-ghost town’s elderly resident knows something. If only she could remember it long enough to tell someone…

Shoelace: Beware the little old ladies.

A Fisherman’s Tale: In an ancient Scandinavian fishing village, a couple seeks magic to save their family from starving. But there is and always shall be a price to pay for your magic…

Drink deep from the darkness, my children.

Author: Joy B

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