Thai Food E-Books!

Sawasdee Ka!

Revising Joy’s Ebooks now – ready in a few weeks!

If you don’t know what an e-book is, it’s simply a Word file with photos and nice formatting converted into an Adobe PDF format that you can read on your computer, PDA, phone, or maybe even your watch. It makes the files easy to read on electronic readers too – you may have heard about Microsoft’s and Amazon’s new readers. They are e-book readers designed specially for reading e-books.

We are giving away a sample PDF file of the first 11 pages of Joy’s Thai Food Recipe eBook below.

Joy’s Thai Food Recipe E-book Sample, 11 pages, fully illustrated, fully FREE! This is to give you an idea what you’re getting.

Please check back in a few weeks to see if we’re offering Joy’s latest two updated Thai Food Ebooks at that time!

Thank you!

Sawasdee ka, joy

Author: Joy B

Sawasdee Ka! I'm Joy, the owner of Joy's Thai Food Recipe & Cooking blog. I have been cooking since I was little with my mom and aunts in northeast Thailand. I want to share my childhood Thai recipes with you. Please help me make this the best site I can by completing my survey! :) Joy To contact me use the email address below, or find me at Google+.

11 thoughts on “Thai Food E-Books!”

  1. Sawasdee ka Joy

    Thank you very much for your recipe, especially desserts. I have sweet tooth too, “cha yen” and “cha yen sai nom” are my favourite. “o leang” on a hot day is good too. I’ve been having a hard time, given by friends, while looking at your blog (can’t stop drooling).

    Your site/blog is ROCK!!!

    By the way do you, by any chance, know how to make khanom thong ake(ทองเอก)?

    Thank you again, please keep up the good work.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Tandiyo,

    I give it away for free – look for the link in the grey boxes at the top of the blog… 😛 Joy

  3. Bonjour Joy,

    J’aime beaucoup votre site cela me rapelle la cuisine de ma mère.

    Merci beaucoup


  4. HI There,

    After spending a holiday in Thailand last year, My wife and I fell in love with Thai food.

    I love the country and would love to go back one day.

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