Arizona State Thai Restaurants

Arizona, USA Thai Food Restaurants


Pink Pepper
245 E Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (602) 548-1333

Thai Lanna Restaurant
3738 East Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: (602) 955-4658

Thai Rama
1221 West Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (623) 285-1123

3173 E Desert Willow, Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (602) 759-8551

Other Cities

Karuna’s Thai Plate
1917 East Grant Road, Tucson, AZ
Phone: (520) 325-4129

Mint Thai Cafe
1111 N Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ
Phone: (602) 497-5366

Siam Imports Restaurant
5008 W Northern Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85301-1570
Phone: (623) 931-2102

The Siamese Cat
5034 South Price Road, Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone: (480) 820-0406

Not all Thai food is so spicy that you can’t eat it. In fact, there are Thais that cannot eat spicy food!

I was in Isaan – the Northeast of Thailand and sitting down to lunch with a lot of the teachers. We were eating “Som Tam”. This is a VERY spicy papaya salad that is a favorite among people in Isaan. I tried a few bites and my mouth turned into volcano lava. I watched everyone eating it except one older teacher.

I asked her – do you like spicy food – and she said, “No, not much… I prefer it “mai pedt” (not spicy).

Wow, I thought ALL Thai people liked their food spicy. Especially in the Northeast because much of their restaurant food is spicy. Sometimes in the Northeast it’s hard to find un-spicy food.

In a Thai restaurant in Arizona though, you’re likely to find it Americanized. Be careful if you order “spicy”. If the staff is from Isaan you might end up with lava mouth.



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