Kentucky State Thai Restaurants

Kentucky, USA: Thai Restaurant Locations!

Pad Thai Restaurant
4101 Tates Creek Centre Drive, Lexington, Kentucky
Phone: (606) 271-9656

Smile of Siam
19 Century Plaza Frankfort, KY
Phone: (502) 227-9934

Thai’s Corner
506J North 12th St., Murray, KY 42071
Phone: (270) 753-3328

19 Century Plaza Frankfort, KY
Phone: (502) 227-9934

Thai Taste Restaurant
1977 Brownsboro Road Louisville, KY 40206
Phone: (502) 897-7682

Now I don’t know about you, but I know there are Thai people living in Kentucky! Personally, I have a friend here in Thailand that owns a Thai restaurant that was considering moving to Kentucky with her husband that she met online. The man wasn’t being very good to her and I foresaw a nightmare if she left Thailand – and so I spent a lot of time getting her to the point where she could say “NO”. The guy was abusive to her and didn’t seem like he was that concerned with making her life better, just making his own better!

That being said, this girl could cook incredibly! I didn’t get the chance to eat her food but twice, and both times it was to die for. Thai people are naturals at opening Thai restaurants both here and abroad. Thai restaurant opening is like the national occupation here. If YOU don’t have one – your sister does. And your mother and grandmother. Thai women learn to cook everything at home because it’s cheaper than eating out. But, it’s cheap to eat out too!

I’ve seen some posts in online forums about Thai and Chinese restaurants in Kentucky and so I think there are more than just these couple we have listed here. Thai is also called, “Siamese” and perhaps some are listed under that title in the phone books?

If you know of more Thai restaurants please send us a comment with the name and address and hopefully phone number. If no phone, no worries. Send what you got! Sawasdee Krup!

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