Creating Your Thai Food Cooking Blog

Steps to creating a Thai food blog - the many ingredients.
Many raw ingredients go into a Thai food blog!

Steps to Creating Your Thai Food Blog

Here is an introduction to showing you what is involved in starting your new Thai food blog, with some links to further information about each topic. Some people see it as easy, and others think it’s a little more involved than they originally thought. Either way, you CAN make your own blog and you can make some money with it if you stick with it and make it a priority.

Back in 2007 when I started, if you would have told me how much success I would have with it, I would have laughed. It just didn’t seem like blogging about Thai cuisine I cook could help pay the bills.

Guess what? Thai Food Blogging Works!

At first, I thought there was just way too much competition in food blogs. Then I looked at Thai food blogs – OH MY BUDDHA! There were so many! My husband also thought maybe there was too much competition already, but he encouraged me to continue and do it just for fun for a while and learn how to blog, how to take photos, how to shoot the videos and get them on the website. I had to learn a few things to get going, but once I figured it out (with his and other people’s help!) I was able to write over 300 posts at my blog.

The Steps to Follow to Create Your Blog:

1. Figure out WHAT you want to blog about. There are many areas or ‘niches’ to choose from in the food blog arena. You could focus on desserts, cookies, a hundred styles of french fries, raw food diets, vegetarian, Paleo diet, meat diet, etc. The possibilities are endless. The thing about food is, there will almost always be enough people to read your blog because everyone on the planet is eating three times a day and there are so many people reading about how to cook or how to diet.

Though some successful food bloggers do, I wouldn’t suggest you just focus on “food” as a niche. That’s a huge niche and it’s too general. Try to specialize in something. You’ll find it easier to get traffic to your site, and you’ll start to build an audience that is interested in your niche.

2. How much TIME do you want to devote to your food blogging business? If you’re going to blog about Thai food, you might as well get paid for it! How much you make depends pretty directly on how much time you can put toward making your Thai food blog a success.

I’ll tell you right now, blogging for money is not that hard! I did it for a few years and then I got an offer to work with a company that really helped me improve my English. I went to that company about three years ago. Now I’m ready to really get back into my Thai food blogging this year. Even though there is so much more competition now, we know we can really do well because we’re going to put all our time into it for 2015.

If you are ready to put yourself 100% into it, you CAN make your Thai food blog work. YOU CAN WITHOUT A DOUBT!

If you want to put in eight to ten hours a day, five to six days per week, you can make a living from your food blogging. I really feel strongly about that. This is what is necessary. There are things to learn, sure, but the things you need to learn are not like learning brain surgery!

3. Choose a DOMAIN NAME. You know, like “” is our domain name? Choose a domain name that is short, and describes what your blog is about. Try to stay under around 15 characters. Probably you should just stick with the .com extension like everyone else. If you want more extensive information about choosing your food blog domain – click here. Here are some good examples. Some of these might be available!

Possible Food Blog Names


Make sure your domain name is available. You can use this free tool to try domain names below:

Enter it below like (;;

NOTE – if you find a domain name you like and want to make sure you can buy it before someone else does you can skip ahead to go get your hosting account at here. They even give you a FREE DOMAIN NAME. If you don’t know anything about hosting, go over here and read this. There are steps to help you complete buying your domain name and getting hosting all on one page. Come back here when you’re ready to keep reading – there is more!

4. Get your HOSTING ACCOUNT. This sounds complicated, and yeah, it is a little bit, but it’s nothing too big for you. We made very clear step-by-step instructions to walk you through getting your domain and your hosting at Click here to read it.

5. INSTALL WORDPRESS. WordPress is a content management system that helps your blog. It contains everything you need to blog once you have the previous steps completed. Once you have your domain name and hosting account, you can install WordPress in a couple of clicks on your Bluehost account. If you already went to the links in item #4. above, you’ve found that the same article covers installing WordPress.

6. CHOOSE A THEME for your Thai food blog. WordPress offers a free selection of basic themes that you might start using. A much better idea is to buy a premium theme that is geared toward food blogging. We created a page just focused on choosing a theme for your food blog. Click here to see it.

7. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BLOG. Now you have everything in place and you have to make your Thai food blog yours. You will probably want to either create yourself or have created for you, a header image which is nice to look at and which will set the mood for your blog. Everything you do for your blog, think about branding it as a unique food blog that people need to return to. If you cannot already create excellent graphics, hire someone to do it. If you want a reference, we know a guy in the Philippines that does my husband’s book covers. He’s very good, cheap, and easy to work with. Or, choose your own, there are many graphic designers all over You just post your project up there and freelance web graphics designers bid on it.



As you can see, the physical part of creating your blog is not difficult. Not only that, but the next part – actually blogging, is also NOT DIFFICULT! You can do it!

Create Your Own Thai Food Blog!

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